Our 1 ,000,000 TRX referral competition has been underway for 22 days now, and so far has been going great! In case you missed the memo, we're giving away 1m TRX to the top 100 referrals based on the number of active referrals they bring to GooseBet.

Many goslings have been asking for a leaderboard so they can determine their position in the competition. Well we're happy to announce that we've just launched our leaderboard and competition update, with our first competition leaderboard being the 1,000,000 TRX referral competition.

We didn't want to settle for a third party leaderboard solution, so instead we built our own. Here you can view your placement, the amount of active referrals every player in the top 100 has accumulated, and also a timer for when the competition ends.

Due to the delay in the vital leaderboard aspect of the competition we have also made a decision to extend the competition, which will now conclude on August 15th at 8am UTC. We're hoping this gives all our users plenty of times to rack up some more referrals and climb that leaderboard!

Q: What's an 'active' referral?
A: An active referral is someone that is referred to GooseBet by a GooseBet user using their referral link, deposits TRX, ETH, BTC or USDT, and then wagers at least $10 USD worth of any token on any of our games.

Q: How will the prizes be distributed?
A: Prizes will be distributed based on the number of active referrals. As an example, if there are 2,000 active referrals the 1m TRX is split by 2,000 giving each active referral a value of 500 TRX. If you did a really good job at getting referrals and have 300 active referrals then your prize would be 300 x 500 = 150,000 TRX. Make sense?

Q: Is it too late to start getting referrals?
A: Never! You've still got over 3 weeks left until the competition ends. Start referring!

As always, we've still got plenty lined up. Slots, races and competitions! Stay tuned.