We did it! GooseBet is 1 day old! 🎉 And well… wow, what a day it’s been. Before we launched the team had a dividend goal in mind, $250,000 on day 1. Seemed like a high goal but we were reasonably confident we were going to achieve it. Well we passed that goal after just 14 hours and then cruised all the way to a huge $423,096.78 dividend pool, an absolutely amazing effort.

For those familiar with our dividend structure we’re offering huge ROI incentives for early mining investors, with 15% of the dividend pool paying out on the first day, meaning yesterday we awarded $63,464.52 to all our GBT token holders. On day two we’ll still be paying out a huge amount of the pool, with 14.8% of the pool being distributed, and if yesterday was anything like today we’re in for an even bigger treat! This bonus will be ongoing until day 61, so you’re never too late to miss out!

If you’re considering mining GBT and becoming an investor then there is no better time than right now. Mining is at the cheapest it will ever be, we’re paying out huge amounts daily with percentages that will never be seen again, and our momentum is unstoppable.

For those already invested in GooseBet, reinvesting your daily dividends into mining can be risky, but the reward could be very, very sweet. By reinvesting you are compounding your initial investment and increasing your total supply of GBT daily, meaning as the total dividend pool increases, so does your payout!

So where does GooseBet go from here? Well we absolutely smashed our $250,000 milestone so I guess the only thing to do is aim for the stars! Maybe a cool million dollar figure dividend pool isn’t far on the horizon? Time will tell, but I can assure you the GooseBet team are doing all we can to assist with this milestone.

We’re working hard ensuring that we get the website performing at optimal speed, we’re already smashing out work on our Q3 Roadmap release which include hundreds of slots and new inhouse games, our 1,000,000 TRX referral competition is well under way and we’re already in discussions with exchanges about listing GBT once we reach 3 months or 20% mined (it’s definitely looking like 20% mined will be hit first though!).

We’re excited to continue bringing you updates and can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds for GooseBet!