Goslings - we know GooseBet is great, you know GooseBet is great, but we want everyone else to know that GooseBet is great too! That's why we're looking for streamers, youtubers and any online personality that has a big following!

If you've got a solid community in twitch, a decent following on YouTube or your tweets get mad engagement hit us up and we'll see if we can make this little dance happen. Hell, even if you think you've got a bit of sway in some forums, telegram groups or discord channels - let us know! We want GooseBet to be known by everyone, we want our community to grow, we all want the dividends to grow!

If you think you've got what it takes, fill out the Google form in the link below and we'll be in touch soon. No scammers though, you guys bad!

GooseBet Online Personality Application Form
Please submit your online personality application below. All applications will be considered, vetted and thoroughly checked. No scams you crazy quackers.