I know everyone bangs on about earning via referrals, but it's because it's true! You can potentially make a stack of crypto via referral links. Let me show you how:

Earning Via Referrals

So, at GooseBet referrals are pretty simple; there's no levels or ranks, you just get a flat 0.2% of every bet your referrer makes. Yep, you read that right, 0.2% of every bet - regardless of whether the user wins or loses.

Now, 0.2% might not sound like much, but say you referrer someone who is mining away on dice rolling under 95s at 5,000 TRX. For every roll they do you'll be getting 1 TRX. With the current 70 rolls/min average on dice you'd be netting yourself 70 TRX per minute, which - if they mined for an hour, would be 4,600 TRX straight into your account! Just get a few of these babies and you'll be laughing!

So what's the best way to get referrals?

There's so many great ways to get referrals, but here are my tips:

1) Use the power of social media

Social media is one of the best marketing tools at anyone's disposal. Use it to share your referral and try get followers to check out what GooseBet is about.

2) Be original and look professional

Create your own content! If you want to draw people to GooseBet make a professional video, write an article, stream yourself playing GooseBet, create a banner! We know GooseBet is great, but you'll have to convince others it's great too.

3) Target the right people

No one likes being blasted a referral link out of the blue (we don't recommend spamming) - find people that share common interests, strike up a conversation and then tell them about GooseBet.

4) Invest in Referral Sharing

A lot of referral success comes from people investing their own money into seeking out referrals. There are services online in the cryptocurrency sphere that allow users to pay a small amount of crypto in return for advertising space on crypto related websites.

5) If places don't allow referral links, don't post them.

This isn't really a trick - more of a courtesy. Don't be that guy. Always check to make sure referral links are allowed on any forum or group you're posting in. You run the risk of being banned, which isn't going to help you spread the good word in the long run!

I'm sure there's a whole bunch more - if you have any more tips come find me in Telegram or Discord and let me know!

(btw, incase you didn't know, your GooseBet referral link can be found here)