Since launching we've seen a lot of different forms of GBT mining. With the same goal of gathering as much GBT as possible, it's been interesting seeing the strategies being developed.

So what type of Goose Dice miner are you?

The 95% Chancer

Obviously a crowd favourite, The 95% Chancer is someone who's goal is to purely mine GBT and get those dividends. They're not here to risk their coins, they want maximum volume at the lowest risk! You'll find them rolling Under 95s, or Over 4s.

The 50/50

The 50/50's live life on the edge! They understand that with great risk comes great reward. Their goal is to make their money last as long as possible by praying for a solid win rate on their 50% odds. Sometimes this succeeds and The 50/50 finishes for the day with GBT in their pockets and more coin than they started with! You'll also find The 50/50's rolling either above or below 50.

The Martingaler

The Martingaler's are here for the long run. They have patience and understand that every small win is still a win. Martingaler's require deep pockets and strong nerve that their system works. You'll find them yawning in-front of their computers or mobiles and occasionally sitting up with fright as they edge closer to bust on every loss!

The Lucky Number

The Lucky Number's are a special bunch of people. They've been given a number with significance in life and they're going to use it! They understand that odds are odds and it doesn't matter how you bet it all equals out over time. The Lucky Number's can be found betting strange values like "Under 23" or "Over 69".

Do you play dice differently? I'd love to know everyones strategies!