So yesterday just following dividend payouts we launched 41 new slots with Booongo! Since then we've had a large influx of big wins that I'd love to share with everyone!

10 TRX Bet, 4,800 TRX Win (x480)
20 TRX Bet, 1,930 TRX Win (x97)
20 TRX Bet, 6,388 TRX Win (x319)
0.4 TRX Bet, 205 TRX Win (x512)
10 TRX Bet, 50,000 TRX Win (x5000)
4 TRX Bet, 1,214 TRX Win (x303)
1 TRX Bet, 111.5 TRX Win (x111)

Got some big wins of your own? Come share them in our Telegram!

Talk tomorrow!