As I’m sure everyone knows, very rarely does a platform the size of GooseBet launch without small teething issues, and despite extensive testing some unexpected technical issues appeared that were not found during the initial load testing.

Our engineers worked tirelessly to fix the issues with as minimal interruption to services as possible. During this time we created an emergency 24 hour customer service roster to ensure all customer issues were promptly handled without delay. Thanks to our amazing team of admins we’ve responded to thousands of questions, assisted hundreds of users and have completed over 200 service tickets with an average completion time of just 16 minutes - far faster than other major players in this sector.

Despite these teething issues GooseBet has seen a very successful launch. So far over $230,000 in dividends have been paid out to our users, and over 5,000,000 bets placed - a really impressive number for our third day. And that number is about to increase much faster now too, thanks to the work our engineers have just completed.

Today we have released a new build of GooseBet. With this release the website is fast, reliable and functions exactly as intended. With this now out of the way our team can focus on future releases which we’re all very excited about. We can’t wait to supply our users with tonnes of new games, features and content that will solidify GooseBet as the best place to mine and gamble cryptocurrency.

As always, if you have any concerns please come find any of our helpful team in either Telegram, Discord or Twitter.

See you on the site!