Hi goslings, me again. This is just a quick one to let you know that there's nothing but smooth sailing here at GooseBet. We've just hit another milestone dividend pool for the 4th day since launch, and we're now smoothly processing 70 bets per second on our platform.

Want to see our daily dividend trend? Check it out:

  • Day 0: $0
  • Day 1: ↑ $423,096.78 (Paid out $63k @ 15.0%)
  • Day 2: ↑ $570,084.84 (Paid out $84k @ 14.8%)
  • Day 3: ↑ $579.353.83 (Paid out $83k @ 14.6%)
  • Day 4: ↑ $599,378.75 (Paid out $86k @ 14.4%)
  • Day 5: Can't wait to find out!

Every single day since launch, our dividend pool has increased and reached new heights despite paying out ~15% of the pool the previous day. This is due to constant improvements, trust in a great team, and what we like to call in the business - FOMO.

To be honest, they'd be right to worry about missing out too - i'd be worried as well if I wasn't already involved. Not only are you playing and earning GBT in order to participate in the dividend pool; but you're also going to be holding a fat stack of GBT when it comes time for the token to go to market in either 3 months time or when 20% is mined (whichever comes first).

I'm off to mine more GBT...