We did it! We snuck in past the $600,000 dividend milestone thanks to a great day of mining and a great day of crypto!

Today the cryptocurrency market saw a nice jump of ~5% over most major currencies. Now, 5% isn't that much if you've got $100, but if you've got a $600,000 dividend pool then that 5% does around 30,000 things!

So that got me thinking, what would our dividend pool be if we looked at each crypto's all-time-high (ATH)?


- BTC in Dividends: 8.25064012 BTC
- ATH: $19,798.68
- Total: $163,351.78


- ETH in Dividends: 399.4844 ETH
- ATH: $1,440.00
- Total: $575,257.53


- TRX in Dividends: 17,739,413 TRX
- ATH: $0.300363
- Total: $5,328,263.31 😱


- USDT in Dividends: 117,384.63 USDT

Total Dividends at ATH: $6,184,257.25

A pretty impressive Dividend pool at ATH, mainly because of TRX's huge success in Jan 2018! Is there a chance we'll see numbers like this again? Absolutely! And I know exactly where I'd want to be earning dividends from when that happens.

Until tomorrow, goslings!