When the GooseBet team was originally brainstorming the concept of GooseBet we wanted to avoid one thing - the feeling of "being too late to join". That's exactly why we decided to opt for a slow ramp up in mining difficulty (5 TRX per day), rather than one based on volume that skyrockets in the first week.

This means even if you're a week or month late to GooseBet you'll still be receiving a pretty similar GBT mining cost to those that joined us on day one - allow me to demonstrate.

Using the power of maths we're able to determine the average mining cost of 1 GBT. You simply multiply the mining rate per GBT by the house edge (1.8% on dice).

Day 1:

Mining Rate: 800 TRX : 1 GBT
House Edge: 1.8%
Mining Cost: (800 * 0.018) = 14.4 TRX per 1 GBT

Day 6:

Mining Rate: 825 TRX : 1 GBT
House Edge: 1.8%
Mining Cost: (825 * 0.018) = 14.85 TRX per 1 GBT

Difference: 0.45 TRX ($0.007915)

As you can see the difference is rather insignificant at this point, plus with divs still climbing really nicely and slots just around the corner we know that now is still the perfect time to enter, continue mining or compound!

See you at day 7!