9 days down, and an infinite more to go! Now, I know you can read a larger scale roadmap in our Whitepaper, but I just thought i'd create a special 'Coming Soon' breakdown, specifically for you! We've got a lot of exciting updates in the works that, along with our excellent support and communication, will solidify GooseBet as one of the top tier cryptocurrency casinos on the market. Check them out below.



In the works and nearly ready for launch are our leaderboards. This includes our 1m TRX referral competition leaderboard that concludes August 1st (so keep referring!). Along with the referral leaderboard will also be the opportunity to create and host exciting competitions; meaning big prizes, big volume, big mining and most importantly, big dividends!

Slot Racers

Slots are fun, but you know what's even more fun?! A weekly competition with a juicy prize! Coming soon will be our weekly slot racer, where the top 50 slot players will share in a rather tasty prize.

New Games

Now, what pairs well with slot racer? A whole bunch more games! We're talking a stack of more slot games, live dealers and a great selection of table games! You're destined to find many games you'll love to play.

User Feedback

We take on board our users feedback, so we'll be ensuring we introduce many quality of life changes such as 2FA on withdrawals for those wanting that extra safety net, address books so you don't have to copy/paste your address to withdraw every time, the ability to swap between tokens on GooseBet, and also PVP games, just to name a few. Feel free to continue requesting features and we'll do our best to introduce them in a timely manner.


With the first week out of the way and slots being loaded, GooseBet is going to be dropping the clutch and launching towards some heavy marketing. We're already in discussions with major advertisers and have a marketing plan well underway. Soon you'll be seeing our little goose popping up on all your favourite cryptocurrency websites, and we can't wait to see this place really buzz!

Anyway, that's my update for today! We'll talk again tomorrow!