Happy 1-month birthday to us! So put your hard-hats on get your pickaxes out - we’ve just launched our 100% mining bonus weekend! Play, mine and earn GBT until your heart is content. But don’t get too comfortable – the bonus ends this Monday at 11am UTC.

Check out today’s crazy mining rates:

In-House: 475 TRX/ 1 GBT
Slots: 190 TRX / 1 GBT

In-House: 0.0288 ETH / 1 GBT
Slots: 0.0115 ETH / 1 GBT

In-House: 9.27 USDT / 1 GBT
Slots: 3.7 USDT / 1 GBT

In-House: 0.00084016 BTC / 1 GBT
Slots: 0.00033606 BTC / 1 GBT

Goslings, we don’t plan on having mining bonuses often at all, and you’ll never see one this good again, so make sure you take advantage of it!