GooseBet’s dividend system is a way of returning casino profits to our lovable users. The dividend pool contains 100% of the casino’s profits in the form of TRX, ETH, BTC and USDT that have not yet been distributed to the community. The profits are paid out daily, outlined below.

How Do I Receive Dividends?

In order to receive dividends, players need to have GBT (GooseBet Tokens) deposited on (you earn GBT from playing games on GooseBet). Unlike other projects, we’ve removed the extra complication of “freezing” tokens, this way all you have to do is hold GBT on your GooseBet account to receive daily dividends.

How Many Dividends Are Paid Out Per Day?

This is where it gets exciting. Previous casinos with a similar dividend system generally start with a high daily payout and once the dividend pool starts to bleed they’re forced to change it to a lower daily payout. At GooseBet we’ve expanded on this and created a smooth ramp down using our unique variable payout system.

With the idea of rewarding our first movers, on the day of launch 15% of the dividend pool will be paid out to users holding GBT. After this the Dividend pool will see a 0.2% reduction in the daily payout (eg: 15% Day 1, 14.8% Day 2, 14.6% Day 3, etc) until it reaches 3% where it will flatten — this will take a total of 60 days to achieve.

This payout model is carefully balanced to be attractive to early users, giving the site popularity, while also scaling down over time for long run success. Setting out this model in advance allows for users to plan out their earnings and remove the need to worry about sudden changes in payout rate.

How does this all come together?

Good question, me. Say that you’re playing on GooseBet on day one of opening. You’d be mining 1 GBT for every 800 TRX wagered. So to make my life easier, say you wager 800,000 TRX, netting you a total of 1,000 GBT. Now obviously you won’t be the only one playing on day 1, so your GBT would be compared to the total GBT on the platform. Let’s pretend that after day one there is a total of 100,000 GBT  mined— congrats, you own 1% of that - which means you’d get 1% of the total daily dividend payout. Because it's day one the daily payout would be 15% of the total dividend pool. So you'd be earning 1% of 15%, or  0.15% of the total dividend pool. Pretty easy huh? Probably not. But if you have any questions come find us on Telegram and we'll be sure to help.

We hope you’re getting as excited as we are for GooseBet’s launch. See you there!

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