Hello goslings! The team at GooseBet has been hard at work behind the scenes preparing this next exciting update for you. We'd like to introduce our newest gambling coin.... GBT!

That's right, from now on you'll be able to gamble your GBT 😲! High risk vs high reward. But... it gets even better - you see, any GBT that is lost will not be redistributed, instead it will go into a pool where it will not receive any dividend payouts, and then gets burned. 🔥🔥

So what does this mean for you? It means that potentially you could gamble your GBT and win more, or you could lose your GBT thus reducing the circulating supply and increasing the value of GBT as a whole! Kind of a win / win if you ask me. And before you ask, gambling with GBT doesn't mine you more GBT 🙈.

Oh, also - we just released a handful of new and great Endorphina slots to play with, with plenty more still to come, so stay tuned!

Thanks and good luck out there!