The newest casino in the cryptocurrency sphere will be opening its doors soon. Featuring exciting games, a unique cashback leveling system, a great referral system, leaderboards, a really fresh take on mining and dividends plus a whole bunch more!

The gaggle at GooseBet can’t wait to show you what we have in store, and for the following weeks leading up to the launch we’ll be releasing further information showcasing what will make GooseBet the #1 choice for gamblers. Here’s just a taste:

Launching with all your favourite currencies

There’s nothing worse than having a stockpile of a certain token and then this new beautiful casino launches and they don’t support it. That’s why we’re launching with TRX, ETH, BTC and USDT!

Cash reward leveling system

Each currency has its own unique leveling system based on volume. The higher your level, the higher the cash reward will be. Now, I hope you’re wearing shoes because this next line might knock your socks off — if you get to the max level of each currency you would have been awarded a total cashback of 5M TRX, 500 ETH, 10 BTC & 100,000 USDT. That’s nothing to quack at!

Referral System

We want you to play, we want your friends to play, and you’ll want your friends to play. That’s why we’ll be giving you a referral code to give your friend so they can win and give you free tokens! That’s a lot of giving, we’re good like that.

1-Hour Leaderboards

We’ve played our fair share of casinos, and we get it — 24 hour leaderboards are impossible to win unless you’re a whale! But don’t worry little goslings (pronounced gooslings, not like Ryan Gosling — English is weird) we’ve done the math, checked the stats and wrote some cool graphs on paper and we have concluded that hourly leaderboards are fairer for the average player, so that’s what we’ll be running!

Fixed-sloped mining

At GooseBet it won’t be a competition as to who can mine the most in the first second of launch. Everyone in a 24 hour period will mine at the same rate, with the mining rate changing daily by a fixed amount, unphased by volume.

Variable Dividend Payout

We don’t want to give too much away here just yet, but let’s just say the early geese will definitely get a few extra worms. Around 400% more.

We have a Goose as our mascot

Do I need to say more? A goose! Look at that little gentleman with his cute lil tophat and monocle. I’d invest in him.

Looking to join the wedge? We’ve got 2 million reasons to do so.

To celebrate the launch of GooseBet we’re giving away 2M TRX across two separate competitions. Both competitions will be strictly scrutinized for bot activity and all cheaters will have 100% of their accounts removed from the draws.

Pre-Launch Registration Giveaway — 1,000,000 TRX.

This is simple, register on our website, join our Telegram and follow us on Twitter. We’ll be randomly selecting 1,000 users and rewarding them with 1,000 TRX, airdropped directly into their GooseBet account ready for launch.

Referral Competition — 1,000,000 TRX.

Once you create your account and login you will be given a referral code. Share this bad boy around and the top 100 referees with the most referrals after launch will take home a share in 1M TRX.

You don’t want to miss out!